Why I made this website

My primary reason for creating this site is to celebrate the gift of the skill of drawing that God has given to me for the purpose of sharing the inspirations received in prayer as a practising Catholic, and from my surroundings at home and the countryside in which I am so blessed to live. I hope that the enjoyment and personal fulfilment I have experienced in creating art is evident to others. I have been greatly encouraged by my art teacher, Sam Hale, and fellow students in the 'Still Lively' drawing class and WhatsApp group based at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

The secondary reason is to create income streams for my family and for the wider community: my suppliers and distributors. It also provides an opportunity to raise funding for my parish in Wolverhampton: St Mary and St John RC Church will receive 10% of the sale price of all products.

Original artwork - What you need to know

  • The artworks are best viewed by selecting the image and 'open image in new tab'/'View image'.

  • In most cases, the images on this site reproduce the contents of the drawn frame only. The title, signature and date are inscribed outside the drawn frame. The dimensions given relate to the canvas size, most of which will fit standard shop frames. Canvas colour is indicated in the description.

    On the right are are some examples of work in frames from a high street chain.

  • Some drawings are made with metallic and glitter gel pens which do not reproduce. For example, in "Africa Annunciation Kibeho", the angel is drawn entirely in glitter pen.

  • The colour rendering in photographs rarely captures the quality of the original work.

  • I am unable to offer any textile work for sale.

In bidding for original artworks, please take these notes about reproduction into account.

Product Development

Feedback from friends and family has encouraged me to develop a range of products featuring my work. Photobooks, fridge magnets, glass tiles and handmade cards have been produced using smartphone apps. Other products are in development, including printed greeting cards.


I have hand-coded this site in HTML in order to reflect the quality of my artwork and to exercise control over the design. It has been a challenging and enjoyable process using the other side of my brain. But my coding skills do not run to setting up an online shop allowing the use of credit cards or PayPal. In any case, I prefer the old-school style of asking you to print and fill in an order form because it provides me with a more personal connection with you as my customer. This being said, I may experiment with ecommerce technology at a later date.

May God bless all who visit this site.
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