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Christmas Card 2020

Christmas cardChristmas Blessings

Printed card 7in x 5in

Product code: X01
Price including delivery: £7.00 for 5 cards

How to Order

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Fine Art Prints

  • All limited edition prints are titled, numbered and signed on mount and back of print.
  • Your selection of a print of my artwork is available to order.
  • There is a standard price of £25.00 for prints with a frame size of 10in x 8in.
  • For a quote for other sizes, please send your request, giving the title of the work and the frame size desired to:

Kibeho Print
Africa Annunciation Kibeho

Limited print edition of 10, Titanium Lustre paper, black mount with Certificate of Authenticity.
Frame size 10in x 8in

Print Product code: E08P
Price including delivery: £25.00

Alchemist PrintThe Alchemist at Wightwick Wharf

Limited print edition of 10, Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer paper, white mount with Certificate of Authenticity.
Frame size 10in x 8in

Print Product code: A10P
Price including delivery: £25.00

 How to Order

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7in x 5in (18cm x 13cm), 20 pages, soft cover with matte finish.
Price for each book, including delivery: £20


landscape cover

A catalogue of 20 drawings of local landscapes, buildings and interiors in Staffordshire and Shropshire.

Book Product code: B05
Price including delivery: £20.00

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Landscape pages 1

Landscape pages 2


lockdown cover

A catalogue of 27 drawings done from 11th March to 24th June 2020

Book Product code: B01
Price including delivery: £20.00

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lockdown pages 1

lockdown pages 2


still lively cover

A selection of drawings made 2018-2020 at workshop sessions of the
“Still Lively” class for over 55s at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
20 pages, with materials and dimensions

Book Product code: B02
Price including delivery: £20.00

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lockdown pages 1

lockdown pages 2

VISIO DIVINA: Prayer in Art

visio divina cover

A catalogue of work made on retreat as an expression of prayer, from 2012 to 2020.
20 pages

Book Product code: BO3
Price including delivery: £20.00

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lockdown pages 1

lockdown pages 2


corona cover

Work made on retreat during lockdown, March to April 2020, with meditations.
20 pages

Product code B04

Price including delivery: £20.00

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corona pages 1

Greeting Cards

My greetings cards are handmade and are titled and signed by me. They come with envelopes in acetate sleeves. Whether I continue hand-making cards depends on the level of demand. Professionally printed cards are in development, so snap up these prototypes while they are still available!

All prices include delivery

Any 3 cards of your choice: £7.50
Product Code 7in x 5in YC01
Product Code 6in x 6in YC02

3 random cards from one page: £6
Specify Page Title in Basket
Product Code 7in x 5in RP01
Product Code 6in x 6in RP02

Any 3 random cards: £4.50
Product Code 7in x 5in RC01
Product Code 6in x 6in RC02


A random selection of 3 greeting card prototypes, mixed sizes, with envelopes. One set per customer, subject to availability.

Product Code: PR01
Price, including delivery: £4.00

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Mass cards 1
Mass cards 2
Mass cards 3
Mass cards

Selection of 3 cards Size: 6in x 6in (15cm x 15cm)

Product Codes:

Selection 1: Anniversary, In Memoriam, General MC01

Selection 2: Mary, Mother of God MC02

Selection 3: New Baby, Young People MC03

Price including delivery: £5.50

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Bespoke cardsDavid cardBespoke cards

Individually crafted to your specification for the front of the card.
Email your image and text with your scanned order form to:

Size: 6in x 6in (15cm x 10cm)

Product Code: BSPK

Price including delivery: £25.00

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Fridge Magnets


Available for selected images with 'M' product code

Soft plastic, size: 5.75in x 3.75in (14.5cm x 9.5cm)

Price including delivery £5.00 per magnet
and £13.50 for 3

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Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles on wallGlass tile back

Available for square images and details of other images, with 'GT' product code

Tempered glass with plastic backing; size: 8in x 8in (20cm x 20cm)

Price per tile including delivery £25.00

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Bidding for Original Art

  • Bidding is open for all original artworks, except those marked 'Original not for sale' or 'Private collection':
    Bidding period: the 7th of each month to the last day of the month.
    Email your bid to by midnight on the closing date.

  • Bids are currently only accepted from the UK: for administrative reasons international transactions are not feasible at the moment.

  • The successful bidder will be contacted shortly after the closing date. Please note that I reserve the right to select a bid which may not be the highest one, and not accept any bid.

  • Prospective bidders are welcome to email me with their enquiries about the artwork itself at
*Please read these notes about original art before bidding.

Purchase of Products

  • Delivery is included in the price quoted for each product.

  • Orders are only accepted from the UK.

  • 10% of sale price of products is donated to St Mary & St John RC Church, Wolverhampton.

  • Sales enquiries to"

How to Order

Please note that only UK orders are currently accepted.

  • Click 'add to basket'.

  • Download and print 'Basket'.

  • Enter Title, Product Code, price of your selected items, and personal details, then scan


    Make a bank transfer to :
    Alexis Pottinger Fine Art
    Reference: [Your name]
    Sort Code: 08-92-99
    Account Number: 69886456

    Scan and email 'Basket' with the date of your bank transfer to


    post 'Basket' with your cheque to:

    253 Castlecroft Road, Lower Penn, nr Wolverhampton, South Staffs WV3 8NA

  • By completing the 'Basket' form, you signify your agreement to the use of your data as set out in the Privacy Policy which is in accordance with GDPR regulations.

    Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery after receipt of payment.

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